Herbivorous quadruped

A stroll about Melbourne is always fun. I used to go to uni in the city and spent a lot of spare time (and class time) faffing about in cafes and shops spending money, in those heady days when everything I earnt at Target was spent on pleasure (living with parental figures has its perks). I don’t get into the CBD much now, so I often feel a bit like an outer-suburbanite or gawping tourist when I head into the centre of Melbourne and spot shops I’ve never seen before. “Look at that!” I exclaim, pointing at an unsuspecting shop in Howey Place. “That used to be Rich, that overpriced clothing store staffed by unfriendly goths!” Tis no longer. Shop 9, Howey Place is now Bison, a shop full of beautiful handmade ceramics from Canberra. They’re stoneware as well, which I like – the last time stoneware was in vogue was the 1970s, when everyone’s mum had a stoneware dinner set to go with her fondue set and prehistoric collection of Tupperware.

Shop 9, Howey Place
(03) 9650 1938

More photos of Bison ceramics on our Flickr page.

:: Arwen ::


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