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I’ve had a cold for the last few days (thanks, office) so my enthusiasm for anything but tissues and mandarins is pretty low at the moment, but today as I scraped myself from my desk I had a craving for something new. Not retail therapy new but really new, something to inspire me and shake me from this cloud of headfog. So I went to Sticky. They’ve got lots of new things there – zines, to be precise – and many of them are handmade and under five bucks. That’s my kind of new.

After a brief survey of the shelves I was quickly drawn to this:

Small Collection by Gracia Haby

And then I saw that it’s by Gracia Haby, better known (to me, at least) as one half of Gracia + Louise, a Melbourne-based artistic duo who make beautiful collages, drawings and prints. I was slightly disappointed that I hadn’t discovered a new artist to love – but only slightly, because I was delighted by the collages printed within, in that slightly whimsical vintage- and pattern-inspired style of hers. The colours are gorgeously rich, and there are little accents glued in by hand – a blue bird stamp here, a wallaby there, a tea cup and and an odd gilt stamp featuring musical angels towards the back.

Small Collection zine by Gracia Haby

Small Collection zine by Gracia Haby

Having found that, I turned to the other side of the shop in search of something even newer, something unknown, to satisfy my hunger for novelty… and found another Gracia Haby zine… and then one by the other half of Gracia + Louise, Louise Jennison! Louise is an illustrator, with a particular talent for polar bears.

The Gracia and/or Louise zines were clearly my favourite thing at Sticky, and I was consistently drawn to them. I tried to find something new, but ended up reconfirming my existing tastes. I did find another nice zine-y thing though, which I’ll show you another time. Patience!

Shop 10
Campbell Arcade (the Degraves St subway)

12-6pm Mon, Wed-Fri
12-5pm Saturdays

Gracia + Louise

Small Collection by Gracia Haby, $5.50 at Sticky or a bit more here on Etsy.

:: Kate ::



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2 responses to “Sticky in a good way

  1. Delighted to discover your blog, and to learn that you are an admirer of what lj & I both make and do.

    see you, g

  2. Kate

    Lovely to have you, Gracia!

    Thanks for stopping by. Do let us know if you’ve got any new projects on the go…

    : k :

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