Salt n’ Pepa

What better way to celebrate the Queen’s birthday than by doing some serious op-shopping down Rosebud way? Rosebud, for those unfamiliar with this secondhand lovers’ paradise, is sort of like Sunshine-On-Sea and has a ridiculous number of good op-shops. They are always staffed by gregarious grannies and frequented by a huge cross-section of Rosebudians, meaning the turnover is high and there’s always lots of melamine homewares and leather jackets of the sort still favoured by mustachioed men in Egypt. I spotted these very fetching salt and pepper shakers ($4, above) in the Uniting Church Op-Shop and was quite tempted, but then remembered I have a perfectly good set already. (Sure, this has never stopped me with shoes…)

I then spotted this remarkably similar set ($2) in the Southern Peninsula Community Fund op-shop in Rye about two hours later. Given the preponderance of lemon egg-shaped S n’ P shakers on the Mornington Peninsula, I wonder if anyone reading this blog has a set?

Uniting Church Op-Shop
5 Nepean Plaza (off Ninth Avenue)
Rosebud, Victoria
Tel: (03) 5982 0032

Southern Peninsula Community Fund Op-Shop
2141 Nepean Highway
Rye, Victoria
Tel: (03) 5985 2479

:: Arwen ::



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9 responses to “Salt n’ Pepa

  1. made by maude

    I don’t have a lemony salt n’pepper set unfortunately (they are lovely), but boy does your op-shopping on the Peninsular adventure make me jealous and homesick! No op-shops in KL!! – maude

  2. No op-shops in KL? What do people do with stuff they don’t want? Actually, KL sounds just like Japan. There are no op-shops there, either. The idea of picking through other people’s “used” goods is a weird concept to most Japanese people. There is, however, a booming market in high-quality “used” goods (this is what they’re called) like secondhand brand clothing or vintage stuff.

    Anyone in Tokyo should check out one of the many RagTag stores around town.
    Sadly the website’s not in English but you’ll get an idea.

  3. What do people do with things when they no longer want them in KL? Ha ha, they throw them in the gutter! Or in the alleyway! No no, that’s not entirely fair or correct, although we have seen some odd things discarded on streets (long fluro lightbulbs, old tatty shoes, cats) here. I bet there’s a booming second hand market, I just haven’t looked properly yet!
    p.s. I’m enjoying your blog!!

  4. Kate

    How much nicer would that top set be without the ugly gold bit? Shame.

    I’ll take the bottom pair.

    : k :

  5. Re: KL and people throwing stuff in the gutter, I’m reminded of Japan again, where people left all manner of great stuff out for hard rubbish – mostly new, mostly functioning. If it’s three years old in Japan it’s considered old. The plus side of this is that everyone drives new cars that don’t belch out clouds of smoke à la my neighbour’s Kingswood.

    Glad you’re liking the blog, Maude!

  6. hello, I was wondering if you knew about Melbourne’s collaborative op shopping blog ‘I op therefore I am’

    there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne’s op shops. i’m going to add the rye one. let me know if you are interested in joining.

    regards, Amelia

  7. Hi Amelia,

    Thanks for the link! I’d never heard of the blog before but I shall now check it.

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