Dishwasher safe art

Do you remember when you were a kid and one day at school (perhaps kindergarten) you got to draw a picture, then after an interminable wait it came back, slightly paler, on your very own plate? Oh, the pride!

I don’t know about you, but even my bestest Grade 1 efforts are shown up by these modern Melamine masters:

Marco Cibola plates from Poketo

Above is The Middletons plate set by Marco Cibola at Poketo, US$40 for the set. They’re also available at Little Salon, Melbourne, but I’m not sure of the price (I was desperately trying to resist temptation).

Melamine bird plates by Pop Ink at French Paper

There is such a gorgeous array of plates online at French Paper that I had a hard time choosing what to show you, so these (the birds above; deer, meaty cuts and faux wood below) are to whet your appetite – many more here for around US$9 each.

Melamine plates by Pop Ink

For the traditional yet monochromatically inclined among you, Thomas Paul has this Gothic doily set (below, US$30 at Velocity). Arwen has seen these for sale somewhere locally, so she might be more helpful than me here. (If you’re a glutton for Melamine design, check out these too – darn, they’re sold out.)

Thomas Paul Gothic Doily Melamine plates

If after all that you’re still keen on stick figures and rainbows, you can DIY here for about $25.

:: Kate ::

P.S. French Paper are first and foremost a (beautiful) paper shop, but their Pop Ink giftware section has both Melamine and non-Melamine delights. They’re almost a blog post in their own right…



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4 responses to “Dishwasher safe art

  1. Yay, another Melbourne based blog! And a good one at that. Love your banner too. Glad to have found yas.

  2. Kate

    Hello Lara!

    Thanks for stopping by – I love your blog, and your fabrics too. I have some of your light blue gingko print waiting to be made into a cushion – it’s going to suit my couch perfectly when I get around to it…


  3. Hi Lara, hi Kate – just got back from my internet-free weekend to see lovely comments and posts on the blog… I’m having a warm and fuzzy Melbourne blog moment.

    The doily melamine plates that Kate has mentioned in the post are available (or were, last week) at Douglas and Hope for a reasonable price.

  4. Jana

    The doily plates are currently on the site – called Goth or something. Cheers!

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