Another bird has landed…

Pigeon brooch by Brid Bird

This is my latest acquisition… it’s all of 3.5cm wide, and came from a shop on Gertrude St. I don’t even know the name – what poor form! It wasn’t Little Salon, does that help? It’s almost next door to Enoteca, and these little pieces of art are in the window. They’re by a talented lady called Bridget who also goes by the name Brid Bird, and they’re a steal at $10. Check her out on Etsy – but for this series, you’ll have to find the mystery shop.

This one is bird brooch #9… my collection is growing, slowly but surely!

Bird brooches

The saucer and side plate set first appeared in one of our very early posts – it came from the Camberwell market, and is perfect to hold my brooches (not just the bird ones) – easy to rifle through in my bleary-eyed haste to get dressed and accessorised in the morning, and pretty to boot.

:: Kate ::

Update: In a crazy coincidence, Bamakko are now stocking Brid Bird brooches! I had no idea, honestly – look at that date – how timely !



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3 responses to “Another bird has landed…

  1. hi there, I’m bridget!
    I can tell you the mystery shop, it’s bistrin’s emporium, I used to work there and now tania sells my brooches there.
    I love your blog by the way and it’s nice to find a fellow bird lover! Have you seen Sarah McNeil’s lovely bird brooches. I love mine! here is her etsy site

  2. Kate

    Oh, thanks Bridget! Lovely to hear from you 🙂

    We must have rather similar taste, because
    a) I love my sketchy pigeon brooch (and got nice comments when I wore it to work yesterday), and
    b) I mentioned one of your friend’s brooches on the blog, here… I don’t have one yet, but maybe that’s next!

    I’ve just seen some of your gorgeous bird drawings on your blog, I must go investigate further…

    x k

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