Know your product

Imagine your nanna’s living room circa 1963. Transplant this image into a light-filled space in Northcote, Melbourne, and you are standing in Know Your Product, a shop entirely devoted to vintage homewares. Yes, you read correctly. Be still, my beating heart…

Owners and locals Cathy Ryan and Harvey Perry had initially planned to open a ‘lamps and clocks’ shop, but kept finding more and more vintage homewares from the 50s and 60s that they loved. Not quite sure if anyone else would share their passion (surely a cursory look in the blogosphere would have put their minds at rest!), the two took a gamble and opened Know Your Product earlier this year. Their collection of functional kitsch has gone down a treat with Northcotians, and the shop moved from its original premises to a larger and roomier place down the road to better accommodate the full range of covetable items, from flip clocks to fondue sets.

Although Cathy and Harvey often receive specific requests for items, it depends on what they can find. ‘The fact that the items are secondhand means that we often have something completely by chance’, said Cathy. This gives you the perfect excuse to drop by the shop every weekend to gaze at pink Bessemer teacups, under the pretense of checking for new stock (yes, I’ve been lusting after those teacups for quite some time).

Know Your Product
11 Timmins Street Northcote, Melbourne, Australia
(corner of Union St – just off High Street)
+61 3 9486 1116

And a few more photos of the store can be found on our Flickr page.

:: Arwen ::



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4 responses to “Know your product

  1. I have that very same orange Rosti jug from the first pic! I love it so much I even blogged about it once. Very cool shop 🙂

  2. Cath

    Am trying to email Cath & Harv – any idea how?

  3. The shop’s email, last time I checked, was

    Good luck!

  4. caddy

    I’m so happy to find a review of KNOW YOUR PRODUCT! I am gazing fondly at the lamp I bought in this delightful shop right now feeling quite pleased with myself. It is a gorgeous happy shop. x

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