Tea boxes

T2 is a hugely iconic brand of tea in Melbourne – it’s been around for a decade, and when you’re considering a brew at a cafe it’s always a good sign to see the unmistakable row of shiny square tins behind the counter. It’s very good tea, and there’s no shortage of choice… but there’s only so much stainless steel and sans-serif lettering I can handle before I find myself longing for a little bit of flourish and pattern on my tea boxes.

T2 lineup

Luckily, nice packaging isn’t confined to the boutique teas – Arwen and I found some gorgeous boxes in a little store on Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Oolong tea

Even better, some come in reusable containers, helping tea drinkers everywhere accessorise and organise their homes. This happy golden yellow tin of jasmine tea is quite common in Asian supermarkets, and on my desk – and you can get it filled with tea for less than you’d pay for the tin at a vintage secondhand store.

aka Jasmine Tea

The soursop tea below came from a little shop in Subiaco, WA called Tea for Me – they have a huge range of really interesting flavours, and they all come in these lovely decorative boxes. The shop looks fantastic with the boxes all piled up on top of each other. Next time I’m westside I’ll definitely be back to re-stock. This one’s holding my collection of business cards, and it’s nearly full.

soursop tea

:: Kate ::



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2 responses to “Tea boxes

  1. oh I do like a good tin, that yellow one is dashing. must find some of that and give it a go

  2. Simon T

    Speaking of packaging, are you ladies partial to Crabtree’s packaging, such as this:

    http://store.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk/bin/venda?ex=co_disp-view&invt=52403&bsref=crabtreeevelynuk# ?

    I’ve always found their packaging classy in an understated way. They do nice men’s products too.

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