56th Australian Book Design Awards

Last week in Sydney bookish designer types flocked to the 56th Australian Book Design Awards, held at the Powerhouse Museum. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t make it to the awards (I hear you thinking, ‘Did she make it to anything in Sydney? What was she doing the whole time?’ Answer – karaoke.) but I managed to sneak a peek at the award shortlist catalogue, designed by Reuben Crossman. Mr Crossman has just been named Young Designer of the Year and his book MoVida: Spanish Culinary Adventures won three awards. Big-ups to Daniel New as well, whose designs for Gravity Sucks (by Maggie Alderson) and Maggie’s Harvest (by Maggie Beer) also took home the top gongs. What’s with all the Maggies? It’s a pity I’m not into Ms Alderson’s writing and my lack of talent in the kitchen prevents me from doing justice to Ms Beer’s recipes.

The spreads above and below are some of the nicer ones from the catalogue and show shortlisted titles for the awards.

A few more spreads can be found at our Flickr page.

:: Arwen ::


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One response to “56th Australian Book Design Awards

  1. Sonia

    Message for Reub,

    Have wondered for a long time what you were up to, a huge congrats on all your great creative ventures. Am looking into publishing options myself and thought of you. Be great to hear from you and have a proper catch up.

    Hope to talk soon

    Sonn xx 🙂

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