Birds, part LVXII

This is a book I’m truly looking forward to having and holding (and presumably, at some point, reading). A Guide to the Birds of East Africa by Nicholas Drayson is coming out in the UK in July this year (August in Australia), in a highly covetable hardback with cute illustrations – wish I knew who the illustrator was, but the Penguin UK website deigns to enlighten me on this point. Contrary to what your common sense may tell you, this is not a book for bird lovers – or maybe it is, but it’s fiction, so less of the descriptions about avian mating habits and more of a story, you’d hope. In the meantime, those in need of a bird fix should check these little puppies (er, birdies) out:

Yes, they’re bird pegs for your washing line from the Source (or available here). Such attractive pegs will only present a problem if you, like me, have had stuff (read: underwear) stolen off your line in recent weeks. Understandably, you may be a little reluctant to ever hang your washing out again, let alone with such cute pegs. But are freaky snowdroppers also likely to have an eye for nice design? You never know. Until two weeks ago I didn’t even know these people existed, let alone that they were after my sports bras. Sigh.

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4 responses to “Birds, part LVXII

  1. Found out who the illustrator is!
    Christopher Neal. Amazing illustrations on his website:

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