Sydney Writers’ Festival

Despite falling asleep in almost every session I went to, the Sydney Writers’ Festival was fun*. Plus I snagged this particularly cool Vintage bag (below) that was free with a Vintage book purchase (or free if you just sidled up to the pile in the bookstore and surreptitiously helped yourself, as it turned out). My acquisition of the bag drew my attention to the Vintage Classics series, which I fell in love with. So many good covers, so little time (and money). Why buy when you can simply gaze from afar (i.e. in jpeg form)?

*This is no reflection on the festival – at least, not on all the sessions. Rather, it is a reflection of my constant state of narcolepsy. Give me a warm room, a comfy chair, prolonged inactivity and a droney voice in the background and I am in the Land of Nod in no time at all. This includes meetings at work where I am seated opposite important people. It is a constant battle against the Sandman (sadly, not the Metallica type).

:: Arwen ::


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