Polygone mad

Polygons are quite the thing at the Gorman Surprise store on Bridge Rd (a sale outlet, as classily furnished as the other Gorman stores – bare wooden floors, animal rug and all – but with happy yellow dots on all the price tags). There were octagons all over t-shirts and leggings, in black & white and navy & silver. Yep, leggings. There was also a lovely hexagon-adorned dress, but it was too bright for my black-loving soul.

Gorman Wallpaper T

Gorman dress

More hexagons at Obus on Flinders Lane, Melbourne. ($100 off oats! *ahem* coats.)

Obus on Flinders Lane, Melbourne

And a gorgeous hexagon-based drawing I’ve been admiring recently. I wish I could do something like this (or perhaps more realistically, wish I could buy something like this).


It’s by someone called Ang, who has a myspace profile helpfully set to private, via Ffffound.

I hope geometry never goes out of style.

:: Kate ::



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2 responses to “Polygone mad

  1. nik

    this is a wrong map. berlin is not the biggest state in germany, bavaria is !

  2. Kate

    Oh! And here I was, thinking it’s just a pretty picture…

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