Porcelain love

Sometimes it’s a very good thing I don’t have a credit card. When I saw these plates and bowls at Format Furniture (the fawn one and also a rabbit one, not shown), I think my heart actually skipped a beat – they are gorgeous, even nicer when you see the colours and patterns close up, and I would’ve been hard pressed not to blow a month’s salary on one of them (yes, they’re that much. Gorgeous and unattainable). They’re by Nymphenburg, a porcelain manufacturer operating out of the Nymphenburg Palace in Germany since the 18th century. Not your everyday crockery, you understand.

Nymphenburg bowls

These are from the 2004 range, but they seem to fit right with the current style (or just-past, if the trendsetters are to be believed) – the animals (deer! birds!), the colours, the patterns – don’t you think?

As I’m certainly not going to fork out for one of these, I had a look around Etsy and found some superb alternatives without the scary price tag – who needs palaces and 200 years of practice to make lovely things?

Rose small cup by Andrea Yates

{ Rose small cup Andrea Yates, US$10 }

Baby head vase by mudpuppy

{ Baby Head vase by mud puppy US$25 }
NB: This one’s sold, but you still gotta see it!

Monogram bowl by Paloma\'s Nest

{ Monogram bowl by Paloma’s Nest US$16 }

Lady Squirrel by Melabo

{ Lady squirrel by melabo, US$29 }

:: Kate ::


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