Imagine the Next Wave festival. I do.

The cynic in me thinks the unwashed masses will see Kirsty Hulm’s Imagine Me & You, I Do and think it’s a rather elaborate campaign for X hot brand’s next perfume… but no! It’s art! And it’s there for its own sake, thank goodness. I’ve never hidden my love of public art, and this is no exception. So bold, so simple, so prominent, so right where you couldn’t miss it even if you barely look up from your iPod screen as you bump into others on your way home from work, or wherever it is you’ve been. You can’t help but look up in awe at its glowing hopefulness.

{ Imagine Me & You, I Do by Kirsty Hulm}
St Paul’s Cathedral, corner of Swanston & Flinders Sts

It’s part of the Next Wave festival, on now in Melbourne until the 31st. There’s a whole bunch of amazing projects happening around the place, all by emerging contemporary artists not afraid of an edge or two.

The Telepathy Project is another one I saw tonight, with a similar kind of endearment. Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent are in the windows of the Forum Theatre every day from 4:30pm to 9:00pm, completely separated from each other. Every 15 minutes they write down the outcome of their most recent telepathic exchange on time-coded Post-It notes, and stick them to the windows for all to see. I didn’t cross-check many of them – I’m not sure I’m qualified to comment on ESP-related science anyway – but the sweet drawings and overall sense of naivety about it all was quite charming. And would you look at their rooms! Photographic foresty wallpaper – his green and rainforesty, hers autumnal – lovely rugs and great lamps. Makes me want to convert my lounge room into a telepathy reception centre. Almost.

The Telepathy Project

{ The Telepathy Project, Sean Peoples & Veronica Kent }

Next Wave Festival
15-31 May 2008

:: Kate ::


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