Creepy crawlies

Moving on briefly from birds to bees – or insects, at any rate. The design world is simply crawling with them (and yes, I do like a good pun). Spiders are sometimes a little too reminiscent of Goths or bad tattoos, though, and ladybirds have a tendency to be cutesy-cutesy. Ooh, it’s a hard balance to strike.

And why is it that we rarely see insects like dung beetles, termites and cockroaches in design? Oh wait, yeah – they’re gross.

Here’s Melburnian Catherine Swan’s paper butterflies, which she cuts from old Playboy and Esquire mags:

And here’s some nice bee wallpaper from Farrow and Ball. Beware, apiphobes.

And then some mummified bugs from the magnificent store Deyrolle in Paris (definitely worth a visit while in gai Paree). This cabinet de curiosités was partially destroyed by fire this year in February but it seems the bugs survived intact.

And the rather more attractive Libellule (dragonfly) glass from La Rochère. This I could definitely envisage drinking from without squirming.

And then this thing, spotted at Houndstooth on Johnson St, Fitzroy a couple of weeks ago. I can’t decide whether it’s fabulous or vile, but I’m tending towards vile.

Anyone else seen any interesting bugs out there?

:: Arwen ::


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