Panda hugs

It’s kind of nice to find that an artist I admire is living and working in the same city as me*, because I do tend to spend a lot of time finding art etc online and it’s often far away. The irony of telling you about this on a blog does not escape me.

Anyway, Tai Snaith is a wonderful Melbourne artist who works in both illustration and 3D – check to see what I’m talking about. I adore her llama creatures. Her little panda cards are achingly sweet too – not available from her site but you can get them at Robio (on Gertrude St next to Little Salon), or at Tai’s shop on They’re about $3-$3.50 each, and they’re totally frameable.

I have it on good authority that there are a couple of new card designs coming soon…

:: Kate ::

*which is not at all to suggest that there isn’t a host of amazing artists living and working in Melbourne, just that there are also many amazing artists living overseas, many of whom I find out about online.

Question: what’s the collective noun for a group of artists?



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3 responses to “Panda hugs

  1. Oooh. I love these questions.

    A Consideration? A Palette? A Showing?An Unrealised Potential? A Complementary Wine? Snark.

  2. Kate

    Palette – great!

    Or how about… a pigment? A showing? A collection?

    : k :

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