Lost: a lot of time. Fffffound: a lot of images.

Are you an image junkie? Well you must be if you’re looking at this blog, right? Even just a little bit? I certainly spend a whole lotta time browsing the interwebs, just looking at things. If you don’t already have a bookmark list that takes three days to scroll through, try Ffffound – it’s an image bookmarking site, where, basically, they blog images. I don’t know what the selection criteria are or even who chooses them, and I don’t even always like what’s on there, but it’s damn interesting and I’ve been treated to some wonderful images that might otherwise have passed me by (can’t have that!). It cannily suggests other images you might also like, a feature I alternately love and hate – love for the obvious reasons, hate because it sometimes makes me late for work.

A recent ffffind:

Lena Revenko

by Lena Revenko

Wallpaper! Sloths! What more could you want?

:: Kate ::


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