Whither the weather

Melbourne is grey, grey, and did I mention grey? Neither hot nor cold, the weather remains stolidly indifferent at the moment. I seem to spend most of my time examining the sky, wondering whether it will rain and debating whether I should put my washing out. (And here you were thinking I was writing sonatas, reading Tolstoy and organising Beat poetry readings on my nights off.) Although I must admit ā€“ amidst all this bitchin’ ā€“ it was a wee bit sunny today.

In lieu of meteorological inspiration, here are some wildflowers to help brighten the gloom.

These (above) were spotted last week in someone’s unruly front garden in Northcote, Melbourne.

This field of delight was snapped in Denmark last European summer.

:: Arwen ::


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One response to “Whither the weather

  1. I would like a garden like that, definately. So beautiful & such pretty colours & hopefully not too much work

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