Bird (brooch) watching

While we’re on the bird topic, I thought I’d take the chance to combine it with one of my other favourite things, brooches. Bring the two together, and I can spend a lot of money. Guess which of these I own (hint: it’s more than half, less than all).

Little Sparrow Pin by Little Sparrows

Wooden Little Sparrow Pin by Little Sparrows, US$1 – yes, $1! – here on Etsy

Cuckoo Brooch by Tilly Bloom

Illustrated Cuckoo Brooch by Tilly Bloom, ~$14 from Mintd, also on Etsy

Vinyl bird brooch by Mingus

Vinyl bird brooch by Mingus, $12 or so along with a bunch of other cute animals and designs from Etsy, Little Salon and your local Melbourne lovely things store

Golden Whistler brooch by Fun Is Cool

Golden Whistler brooch made from card by Fun Is Cool, US$14 on Etsy

Bird brooches by What Katy Did

Black and white bird brooches by What Katy Did, available from Genki in Melbourne about two years ago

Honourable mentions go to Always Amy for her cuckoo clock pin and Figs and Ginger for their lovely rings, pins and necklaces.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

:: Kate ::



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3 responses to “Bird (brooch) watching

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  2. I hope one of them was my little bird brooch.

  3. Mingus: it is – thank you! It’s gorgeous. Such a perfect size.


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