Partial to partisans

I love the cover for A Partisan’s Daughter, the new Louis de Bernières novel – and it has birds on it! The design doesn’t compare to some really amazing covers like the newie for Michael Chabon (more on this very soon) but for a mass-market big-publisher cover, I’m excited.

I’m less excited by the story – the writing is great, the characters are credible and even likeable despite (or because of) their flaws, but it’s a quiet book that hasn’t quite swept me up in its thrall as I hoped it would. (I like a good sweeping-up every now and again.) To be fair, reading it in public-transport-sized chunks while pressed between a businessman’s shoulder and a train window, with a briefcase wedged in my back and a freak heavy-breathing on me probably didn’t enhance the reading experience.

Slightly negative review of the book here, and slightly positive one here.

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5 responses to “Partial to partisans

  1. I saw it in So-En! It’s awesome and bodacious.

    It reminded me of this:

  2. Snap, you got there before I did, A.

    Love the light, Mayumi. Bring on the birds!

  3. Tina

    Hi, Have you any Idea who made the cover off a partisan’s daughter?

  4. Hi Tina,
    Some books list the designer on the imprint page. Random House do not. I tried to check the Random House Australia webpage to see if they list the designer there, but it’s down for maintenance this week. Google is not turning up any clues. Because de Bernieres is a UK-based author, I reckon the book’s published by Random House UK anyway, so you might have better luck searching their website.

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