Strictly for the birds

I’m having a bird moment. After all, we are Oh What Larks, which forms the all-too-cute acronym OWL. I welcome additions to my bird gallery (which is but in its infancy) so please send ‘em in to the email address on your right.

Rosebud op-shop delight spotted a couple of weeks ago.

Delicious bird print from MWilson’s Etsy shop.

Little pink bird on fabric from the Echino range, at Patchwork on Central Park in Melbourne.

Business card from Zakkaya, a ridiculously cute shop stocking all things J (Japanese) in Fitzroy.

Bug-eyed boidie badge by Lost in the Woods, a local jeweller (and many thanks to Ambiguous Horse for the photo).

And my absolute, absolute favourite: ‘bird in blossom’ design by Emily Burningham. I adore and covet all and everything by Emily, whose work I first encountered whilst perusing the pages of Pattern. I’ll have to contrive some reason to post some more of her designs here soon.

:: Arwen ::


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