Worth the pilgrimage

What is it about regional secondhand shops? They’re goldmines. The obvious answer is that they’re not picked over by eagle-eyed “vintage” retailers, but I like to think there’s just a certain quality of goods in the country, much like the quality of the vanilla slice I had yesterday morning at Annie Smithers Bistrot in Kyneton, which was far better than any I’ve had where the tram lines run.

In any case, the Mill Markets warehouse in Daylesford is technically a conglomeration of those aforementioned eagle-eyed “vintage” retailers, but as there must be at least 100 of them spread over the space of a whole warehouse and a half (it’s pretty much mecca for those of us so inclined), prices are kept somewhat competitive. And there’s a lot to choose from.

I had to stop myself buying more teacups than I could feasibly use (or break) in a lifetime, even if some of them were melamine and in absolutely lovely blues and yellows.

Teacups at the Mill Warehouse market

Mill Warehouse teacups

Tea set at the Mill Warehouse markets

Daylesford Mill Markets, open 10am-6pm every day, 105 Central Springs Rd, Daylesford, Victoria.

:: Kate ::


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