Got it covered

In an alternate universe, I work with books, and spend a lot of time reading them, looking at them, stroking them, er, well perhaps not quite stroking them, but handling them, certainly. If it sounds dodgy, it probably is. I am a book fetishist. And a fair portion of this fetish is focused on book covers. I know I’m not alone as there are whole blogs out there (like here, here or here) devoted to nothing but covers (and whole design departments devoted to them, too).

As I scour the op shops of Melbourne, collecting useless knick-knacks and slightly-too-large clothes, I try to document any great book covers I see, since I can’t buy them all (the spirit is willing, but the wallet is weak). Here are some great covers I spotted in an op shop in Flinders, on the Mornington Peninsula, close to Melbourne.

Flinders op shop book cover

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “Got it covered

  1. Simon T

    Arwen, just based on this one shared fetish, I know we’ll get along just fine. By the by, stroking a book is not dodgy at all, not like burying one’s nose in an old book just to inhale the lovely smell of old paper and ink…not that we’ll ever do anything like that, right? no, no, no…

  2. You’ve just outed yourself as a book fetishist, Simon. Join the club. More book posts to follow soon…

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