Take a Bow

You’d think the world would have had enough of bows by now. I first became aware of the Bow as fashion in about 2003 in Japan – suddenly they started popping up as motifs on clothing, in badge form and on shoes and necklaces. Sam and Libby did it twenty years before on shoes, but the bow was back, big time.

And it’s still back. And I’m still a sucker for it. The problem is that too many bows doth not a woman make. With the addition of even one bow, your outfit can suddenly seem very preppy/prim/juvenile/cutesy. Is there any way around this? I don’t know. I’m trying to avoid the bow-related paraphernalia available at Diva, Sportsgirl et al (they’ll only last two minutes anyway, since they’re made from petroleum byproducts masquerading as metal and cloth) and go with real bows, in clothing or on shoes. Or better still, bypass the bow and move onto the ruffle!

Ruffle coat

Interesting ruffle coat spotted in the January edition of the Japanese magazine So-En (sadly, they don’t have a webpage).

op shop shoes

Some rather pointy bow shoes spotted in one of Rosebud’s many fine op-shops last weekend. I’d say these had been hibernating in some bow-loving granny’s cupboard for quite a while.

Has Salvatore Ferragamo been poking around in granny’s cupboards? Looks suspiciously like it to me. Apparently dear ol’ Salvatore is Condi Rice’s favourite shoe designer.

And back to the ruffles again – Australian chain store Witchery has a few ruffles floating around their latest stock. (They also seem to have some alarmingly pointy nipples going on with their models.) Sure, these ruffles are only teeny-weeny ones on the shoulder, but they are ruffles nonetheless. Does this constitute a mini-trend, or am I just projecting my own ruffle desires onto an unwilling world?
Bow girl

And lastly, the ultimate example of bows taken too far (this again from the January edition of So-En magazine). I would love to wear a scarf like this but for fear of looking like a 27-year-old woman trying to be 15 again. Which I would. And who wants to be 15 again, anyhow?! I’m already having terrible flashbacks to some sort of undercut hairstyle and attendance at a Presidents of the United States of America concert.

:: Arwen ::


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