Bon Bon Kakku

I’m sure this is going to go round the traps faster than you can say ‘blogosphere’, but it’s still in an early enough stage to be interesting: Bon Bon Kakku, an online fabric store based on the Threadless model, where users upload designs, the designs are voted on and the popular ones go into production and are sold on the site. It’s Web 2.0 magic, is what it is.

Much of what’s currently there is, how shall I say… not to my taste. Some of it is not dissimilar to IKEA fabric (perhaps it’s a European thing?) and some of it is downright crap, but the beauty of the democratic process is that I get to diss the bad ones and hopefully help the good ones into production.

Broken Mirror by Dersenn - fabric design at
{ Broken Mirror by dersenn }

Quite a few of the designs are really large repeats, probably best for something like a wall hanging, doona cover or curtains… but as yet they don’t ship outside the EU, so it’s all dreams for now.

Overall, the site has a long way to go both in terms of fabric designs and useability, but I’d like to see it work. I’d like them to ship to Melbourne, too.

Hopalop fabric design by solannapegasi

{ Hopalop by solannapegasi }

:: Kate ::


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