In finest ‘slasher’ tradition, local lovely-things shop Bamakko is now posing as a shop-slash-gallery with themed exhibitions for the next few months, and they’ve done a nice job of it indeed. Each theme lasts for 3 weeks-ish and focuses on a crafty technique – the current one is screenprinting, under the appropriate title of Screened. There’s already been Illustrated and Assembled, with Pixelled and Shuttered yet to come.

Some of my favourite local designers/makers have already been involved, and the Screened lot is no different – in particular Lara Cameron, whose patterns and colour choices never fail to delight me (I couldn’t resist one of her Gocco-printed Moleskines, as you can see below). Another highlight was the shapely whales hovering above our heads which come as flat screenprinted posters, awaiting your scissor and gluesticking skillz to bring them to life (I foolishly didn’t write down the name of the artist, so if you know please comment below).

You can flip through the catalogues of the past themes here – I’m sad I missed the Illustrated and Assembled exhibitions, but c’est la vie.

Screened at Bamakko

Screened at Bamakko

Gocco printed Moleskine by Lara Cameron

The Screened works will be there for your enjoyment for the next few weeks at Bamakko, 358 Victoria St North Melbourne.

:: Kate ::


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  1. Hey guys,

    thanks for the link, and thanks for coming along to the screened exhibition 🙂

    The freakishly patient and talented Pete Hinch hand cut the beautiful whales that are hanging around the store… according to him, it’s the result of around 20 hours with a scalpel in his hand…


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