Off the Wall

I’ve had a wall project floating around in my head for a while, which has finally come to fruition. It’s based on something I saw in Bella magazine (didn’t buy it, abhor the graphic design, just flicked through while killing time at the newsagents during my lunch break) and the (in?)famous job jacket idea from Blueprint magazine.

If you, like me, have accumulated a large number of free postcards, bought postcards, paper things, cards and cute clutter, short of becoming a penpal extraordinaire, what the hell are you going to do with all this stuff?


Stick it on the wall, in a bunch of plastic pockets and/or frames.

It’s a personalised wall collage. And if you get sick of any particular postcard, swap it. Genius. Not necessarily original, but fun to create and fun to look at. Whether I will ever actually get around to swapping any of the pics is another matter, given that this project took about six months to get off the ground (and on to the wall).

:: Arwen ::

Frames on wall


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