Making the cut

I’ve recently become mildly obsessed by the work of Rob Ryan – it started with a general interest in paper cuts (the pretty kind, not the painful office kind), then I stumbled across his site and was absolutely blown away. He’s made a gorgeous little storybook called This Is For You (check out the cover here then go find it at your local classy bookshop. I know they’ve got it at Brunswick Bound on Sydney Rd, Brunswick).

I’m not sure what order it happened in, but around the same time I saw these in the window at Koko, on Brunswick St in Fitzroy:

Koko metal leaf hangings

.. they’re very very thin metal, so delicate and light, like dried leaf skeletons but more durable – just. There’s a bunch of different designs and colours (silver, brass, black) and at under $10 each, they’re way too easy to buy.

It didn’t stop there. I also found a delightful wooden cut-out at Poppyshop on Lygon St, Carlton, and there are more designs and sizes too. Poppyshop is a rather eclectic store, but I love it as a first stop for gift shopping – my favourites are their gorgeous wooden toys and handfuls of little novelty bits & bobs.

Poppyshop wooden bird cutout

But back to the cut-outs – as a (relatively) recent emigrant to Melbourne with friends in cities far, far away, I also appreciate that these make beautiful postable gifts, which are rare and valuable things indeed.

It’s good to see that modern laser-cutting technologies are being put to good use, and not just on bright perspex jewellery, no?


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