Rise and Shine

Getting out of bed is hard to do. On a week day I have the fear of extreme tardiness forcing me out of my favourite place and into the shower at a godforsaken hour before I hustle my ass onto PT to share one square metre of space with approximately 15 other individuals and their personal odours.

On the weekends, however, there is no such problem. Thus it’s freakin’ difficult to get myself out of bed early on a Sunday and to one of the various Sunday markets around Melbourne. Somehow, Kate and I both managed to get out of bed and get to the Camberwell market recently by a reasonable hour. Pity we chose a 40-degree day to hit the market.

By mid-morning we were dehydrated, sunstroked and significantly poorer. The only decent cafe in Camberwell isn’t open on Sundays and so we were forced to take refuge in some place full of brunching Mums in tracksuits and tweens ‘doing’ coffee. But we saw lots of interesting stuff. The market’s overpriced but definitely worth a visit if early rising is your forte. Word to the wise from the not particularly wise: if the stallholders look like they don’t do it for a living, you’ll probably be able to talk them down significantly.

Tea cups




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